Battery Charger


Caution : For European,US and High End Japanses Cars, many memory controlled facilities are lost when the car's battery is disconnected. A memory saving device much be in place to avoid loss of memory in:-

  • Electronic Control Units ( engine computer )
  • Radio Security Codes or Station Settings Car security, Clocks , Seat & Door Lock Setting

Microprocessor Controlled 6 & 12volt 2amp Battery Charger / Maintainer
  • A fully automatic, microprocessor controlled unit delivering a maximum charge rate of 2 amps.
  • It is suitable for 6 or 12 volt batteries with capacities between 10AH to 80AH.
  • It is a maintenance battery charger, suitable for regular (sealed or unsealed) Lead Acid batteries and for AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries used on motorcycles, cars and light commercial vehicles.
  • It charges in three stages.
  • It features short-circuit protection, overload current protection, and over voltage protection.
  • Weight: 683g
SKU : BC715
Brand/Country : Gunson / UK
Stock : 5pcs available
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Microprocessor Controlled 12volt 2/10amp Battery Charger
  • A fully automatic, microprocessor controlled unit delivering a maximum charge rate of 10 amps
  • It is suitable for 12 volt batteries with capacities between 2AH to 200AH.
  • It charges in four stages.
  • It features short-circuit protection, overload current protection, over voltage protection and over temperature protection.
  • It'is suitable for regular (sealed or unsealed) Lead Acid batteries, AGM (absorbed glass mat) and GEL (gelified electrolyte) batteries used on motorcycles, cars and light commercial vehicles.
  • It is also suitable for charging Deep Cycle batteries (eg. certain marine applications, golf carts, etc).
  • Weight: 914g
SKU : BC717
Brand/Country : Gunson / UK
Stock : 11pcs available
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Vehicle Battery Tester 12Volt

A 12V battery tester, designed to test battery health and predict battery life. An ideal tool to assist the inspection and maintenance of the electrical system of the vehicle.

  • Suitable for voltage 12V (9V - 15V) normal lead acid battery, sealed maintenance free battery, maintenance free battery, standard type battery, EFB battery, AGM battery.
  • Functions: CCA testing - SAE, DIN, EN, IEC,CA; battery voltage & charging voltage when engine is starting.
  • Accuracy: +/-0.05V; reverse polarity protection up to 20V DC; operating temperature: 0°C - 50°C.
  • Display: LCD with back light.
  • Supplied with a protective rubber boot. CE & UKCA compliant.
Brand/Country : Laser / UK
Stock : Nil
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Battery Hydrometer (Tester)

Hydrometer c\w unbreakable transparent perspex tube

  • Battery Tester for Lead Acid batteries,
  • Easy to read with floating discs showing level of charge.
  • Temperature compensating allows hot or cold temperature testing.
  • Readings in both specific gravity and percentage charge.
  • Range 1.145 to 1.260
  • Weight of hydrometer: 278g
  • Battery acid causes severe burns.
  • Wear protective clothing and goggles when handling batteries.
  • Rinse tester with water after use.

SKU : BH94
Brand/Country : Laser / UK
Stock : 3pcs available
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Car Battery/Alternator Tester

12 volt, Direct Current Battery and Alternator tester..

Simple and effective

Brand/Country : Laser / UK
Stock : 16pcs available
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Vehicle On-Board Computer Memory Saver

( can be used as a trickle charger )

  • Keep all vital security codes when changing the battery.
  • Can be used to maintaining a charged battery in good condition during vehicle storage
  • Plug into 220volt 1ph 50hz wall socket and enough power is supplied to keep all electronic systems working so that settings and codes are not lost
  • Output : 12volt dc - Max continous 800mA
Brand/Country : Gunson / UK
Stock : 5pcs available
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Vehicle On-Board Computer European OBD2 Memory Saver

This European OBD2 memory saver holds the data codes from the vehicles ECU when the car battery is disconnected. ( suitable for all cars with OBD2 socket )

  • Holds the data codes from the vehicles ECU when the car battery is disconnected
  • Plug straight into the 16pin EOBD socket and attach the battery clips to a slave battery
  • 200cm of battery lead supplied.
  • Always ensure the polarity is not reversed.
  • Great time saver.
Brand/Country : Gunson / UK
Stock : 1pc available
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Battery Jumper/Booster Cables 400amp x 3m

Rating 400amp (Maxi petrol engine size 3000cc, diesel engines up to 2.5 litres.)

  • Booster cables utilise high quality copper clad aluminium wire enveloped in a hard wearing PVC sheath for superior durability and finish.
  • The cable used is a bimetallic composite wire consisting of an aluminium core and copper cladding.
  • It offers superb electrical properties with excellent current transfer and the cable is very flexible.
  • The sturdy clamps are fully insulated and designed to be easy to grip.
    16mm2 Booster cable
  • Length =3m
SKU : BJC400
Brand/Country : Laser / UK
Stock : 2sets available

Automotive Relay Tester

  • Quick off-the-car relay tester.
  • Checks relay coil & switch contacts
  • Fails bad relays
  • Automatic test with Good/Bad indication
  • Settable to 4 and 5 pin relay
  • Switch contact are loaded to detect excessive resistance
  • Uses vehicle 12V battery for power
  • Green Light if relay is good - Red Light if relay is bad
SKU :RT190
Brand/Country :ES / US
Stock : 5pcs available
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Automotive Current Tester - ATC Fuse 20amps

  • Specification range 0-48volt max 20 amps
  • For rapid safe and accurate current testing.
  • Can even be used to test for parasitic drains!
  • The tool plugs straight into the vehicle fuse board complete with large LCD display.
Brand/Country :Gunson / UK
Stock : 5pcs available

Automotive Current Tester - Mini Fuse 30amps

  • Specification range 0-48volt max 30 amps
  • Resolution .1A (100 milliamps), accuracy + 2%
  • Clever design allows for easy connection into fuse sockets.
  • 30 Amp models have resolution of .1A,
  • During testing the fuse is removed and replaced into the Fuse Testr This way, the circuit being tested maintains fuse protection.
  • Can even be used to test for parasitic drains!
Brand/Country :ES / US
Stock : 10pcs available

Automotive Current Tester with LCD Display

This automotive current tester with LCD display, plugs directly into the fuse box and can be used on mini, standard and maxi fuse connections. Blades may get hot during use and care should be taken for 2mins whilst they cool down.

  • Fits mini and maxi fuses.
  • Current range 0-80AMP.
  • Safe and easy way to check automotive current.
  • LCD display.
  • Hold and peak function with bar graph.
Brand/Country :Gunson / UK
Stock : 2pcs available

Automotive Fuse Adaptor Test Leads - ATC Fuse 20amps

  • This tool is for testing and measuring the amps at the fuseboard and is designed for use with multimeters
  • Specification 12-48volt/ 0-20amp
Brand/Country :Gunson / UK
Stock : 10pcs available

Automotive Fuse Adaptor Test Leads - Mini Fuse 20amps

  • Specification 12-48volt/ 0-20amp
  • Multimeter Amp range determines max current range.
  • Accuracy determined by digital multimeters
Brand/Country :ES / US
Stock : 9pcs available

Spark Plug Cleaner

Cleans any size of spark plug using the supplied abrasive material.

  • Cleans carbon build up from all sizes of spark plug.
  • Use with air line pressure: 70-80 psi.
  • Abrasive material included with the product and is also available separately.
  • Two way valve allows for the plug to be blasted with air or air and abrasive mix.
  • Money saver.
Brand/Country :Gunson / UK
Stock : 3sets available

Cordless Soldering Iron ( Batteries NOT included )

  • A portable soldering iron for use in emergencies, in situ or for running repairs.
  • Powered by 3 x AA batteries this tool is ready to use after just 15 seconds ( batteries NOT included )
  • Supplied with a chisel tip and protective cover for that ensures the tool is switched off for safety reasons.
Brand/Country :Gunson / UK
Stock : 5pcs available

Automotive Light-Up Fuse Kit

  • An innovative kit that illuminates the fuse when it has blown, allowing quick and easy identification. Contains:- 42 Fuses
  • 1 fuse remover
  • 7 Fuses of each size: 5,10,15,20,25,30 amp

Brand/Country :Gunson / UK
Stock : 1set available

Automotive Electrical Connector Kit 338pcs

  • A must have kit for anyone working on Classic or modern vehicles.
  • Whether it’s maintaining existing wiring or wiring in a new Audio system, this kit holds most of the essentials for ensuring a complete and tidy electrical connection.
  • Set includes over 300 items such as insulated terminals, heat shrink tubing, cable ties etc.
  • Plastic compartment box keeps tools tidy.

SKU :EC338
Brand/Country :Gunson / UK
Stock : 3sets available

Folding Stereo/Radio Removal Kit

A space saving, clip design tool which stores away neatly. Ideal for many makes of vehicles, specifically with Clarion, Sony and Blaupunkt stereo systems.

  • Handy slide together clip.
  • Space saving clip design which protects the tools.
  • Fits Audi | BMW | Ford | Mercedes-Benz | Vauxhall | Opel | Porsche | Fiat | Rover | Land Rover.
  • Easier to grip then plain wires.
  • Essential tool.

Brand/Country :Laser / UK
Stock : 2sets available

Automotive DC Circuit Tester + Buzzer 6/12/24 Volt

  • Circuit tester with audible warning buzzer.
  • For automotive use only - 6/12/24volt
  • RoHS compliant.
  • CE certificated.


Brand/Country :Laser / UK
Stock : 8pcs available

Inline Spark Plug Tester

  • Instructions included on packaging.
  • RoHS Compliant.
  • Rubber connector.
  • Flash indicator.
  • Metal to HT lead connector.
Brand/Country :Laser / UK
Stock : 5pcs available

Alternator Tool Star T50 x 1/2"D

Ideal tool for assembling and dismantling the

free wheel pulley whilst changing the alternator or pulley on bosch alternators

Brand/Country :Laser / UK
Stock : 3pcs available

Alternator Tool M10 Spline 1/2"D

  • For use on Bosch Alternators with free wheel pulleys
  • For use on Audi, BMW, Ford, Skoda, Mercedes and VW
  • This two piece tool is ideal for dismantling and assembling the free wheel pulley whilst changing the alternator or pulley.
  • The pulley shaft is held in place with the M10 spline bit on ½”D socket whilst the nut is undone using the 33 teeth Union Nut with 19mm spanner
Brand/Country :Laser / UK
Stock : 1pcs available

Halogen Off Road Light 55 Watt

  • Quartz halogen bulb giving 325000 candle power and up to 180 meters reflective range.
  • Double shock mount with double insulated lens. Strong magnetic swivel base with long lead to 12v output socket

SKU :HL892
Brand/Country : Kamasa / UK
Stock : 1pc available

Headlight Adjustment Kit

  • This kit includes three tools for adjusting the headlamps on a variety of vehicles.
  • The Star T25 is primarily introduced for Volkswagen Sharan from 2000 onwards, whilst the 6 & 7mm Hex are popular on many models.
  • The handle can be used as standard screwdriver or fixed in the T position for extra leverage and access
Brand/Country :Laser / UK
Stock : 5sets available


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