Engraving Pen

Air Powered Engraving Pen

The Air Powered Engraving Pen is used to write on hard steel, metal, glass, stones, ceramic, plastic etc. also useful for debugging,

to reshape the cut on the screwhead or broken bolts to ease removal , and naturally,to personalise tools and other equipment in the workshop.

  • Engrave Your Name onto Your Tools Easily and Permanently.
  • You can easily Customize your tools by engraving your name or marking onto them
  • Industrial marking of equipment
  • Permanent recording of Installation|serviciving dates on equipment
  • Jewelry design /creation and manufacture
  • Tools, Toys, Trophy and plaque engraving
  • An easy way to protect your valuables
  • Identify valuable appliances and equipment
  • Personalize your sporting gear, children's toys etc

To obtain the best marking, hold the pen near the front at sharp angle.

  • Housing : Steel
  • Stroke Length / Speed : 1.2 mm / 34,000 bpm
  • Net Weight : 0.24 kg
  • Length : 160 mm
  • Air Cons / Pressure : 0.07 m3/min / 90 psi
  • Air Inlet / Hose Size: 1/4" / 6.5 mm(ID)
  • Sound Pressure : 75 dBA
  • Vibration : 2.9 m/S2
Country of Origin : Taiwan
1pc x s$132.00
3pcs x s$130.00
5pcs x s$129.00
Stock : 4pcs available
: Flyer

Carbide Stylus for AEP40 ( Gison GP-940 ) Air Engraving Pen

Stylus Size
Thin Point Stylus 0.1mm
Medium Point Stylus 0.2mm
Large Point Stylus 0.3mm


Diamond-Tipped USB Engraving Pen

Ideal for tradesmen and home hobbyists, this USB-powered hand engraver features a diamond tip that rotates at 14-16,000 RPM.

The engraver is conveniently powered via a USB source - that can be a computer or laptop, a USB power bank or USB mains adaptor.
Lightweight and compact, the engraver is very useful for security marking of tools and equipment, trophies and even dog identification discs.

It has numerous uses in art and craft projects and can be used to mark virtually any surface, hard or soft.

You can engrave or decorate a wide variety of materials including metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, wood and leather.

Brand/Country : Laser / UK
1pcx $41.00
3pcsx $40.00
5pcsx $39.00
Stock : 5pcs available
: Flyer
  • Engraves on any surface. Rotates at 14-16000rpm
  • Ideal for gifts , trophies, tools, security identification on valuable items
  • Can be powered by computer USB, power bank or adaptor (Input 100-240v - Output 5v2A)
  • UEP42-S = s$28.00 Spare tips Pack of 3pcs
  • Also good for dog identification discs

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