Decal Sticker Smart Eraser

Air Powered Smart Eraser - Decal |Sticker | Oxide film| Stubborn Dirt | Paint Spots Remover

  • The ASE24 Smart Eraser is designed to get rid of any kind of adhesives stickers, removal of decal pinstripes, double sided tapes and mouldings on plastic or metal painted surfaces.Adhesive and tape left on a panel, and stubborn cracked and hardened vinyls can be difficult to remove.Old pin stripes that are hard and UV damaged will usually just break off into little pieces and be very difficult and frustrating to remove.
  • Only applying gentle pressure, the tape and adhesive is whisked away
  • Removing the unwanted markings is fast, time saving and clean without causing any damage to the original paint surfaces.
  • The original paint surfaces will be free from marks and remain as good as it is.
  • Very long lasting and terrific value.
  • A special 90mm x15mm eraser rubber wheel is included in the set
  • Wheel : 90 mm
  • Max Speed : 3,600 rpm
  • Net Weight : 0.84 kg
  • Length : 225 mm
  • Air Cons. : 0.61 m3/min
  • Air Inlet : 1/4"
  • Hose Size : 9.5 mm (ID)
  • Sound Pressure : 84 dBA
  • Air Pressure : 90 psi
  • Vibration : < 2.5 m/S2
Country of Origin : Taiwan
1pc x s$85.00
2pcs x s$83.00
3pcs x s$82.00
Stock : 3pcs available
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Eraser Stripe Off Disc with Threaded Shank

  • Rubber eraser wheel.
  • With Threaded shank.
  • Max 4000 rpm.
  • Developed to dramatically reduce time spent on the removal of Pinstripes, Adhesive and Double Faced Tape
  • Fast and easy
  • Consumable eraser rubber wheel suitable for use either with air or electric powered tool.
SKU : E24W
Country of Origin : Taiwan
1pc x s$19.00
3pcs x s$18.50
5pcs x s$17.80
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Nylon Abrasive Filament Brush Set

A set of five nylon abrasive filament brushes with quick change, 6mm shank. Ideal for easy removing of rust, scale or paint as well as cleaning, deburring and preparing of wood or metal surfaces. Always wear safety goggles when using.

  • Contents: end brush 24mm, cup brush 50mm, coarse filament flap brush 100mm, 2 x flat brushes 75mm & 100mm. 6mm quick change shank. Max speed: 4500rpm.
  • The nylon brushes are impregnated with abrasive grit for the easy removal of rust or paint & ideal for deburring and finishing. gives the advantage of a grinding action on the side as well as the face.
  • Circular brushes reach into grooves and right angles, the cup brush works on flat surfaces and the split brush works on curved or uneven surfaces.
  • Nylon Filament brushes are non sparking, will not rust and are safer to handle than a conventional wire brush.
Brand/Country; Laser / UK
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5pcs x s$
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Metal Razors Blade x Pack 100 pieces

  • Individually wrapped.
  • Made in the USA.
  • The manufacturing process ensures the blades hold their edge longer.
  • Single edged blades made to the highest specification.
  • Consumable item.
SKU : MRS100
Brand/Country : Power-Tec / UK
Stock : 4boxes available

Plastic Razor Blades Pack 100 pieces

Suitable for removing pinstripes, stickers, bugs, tar, adhesive etc

  • Single sided plastic blades fit all standard razor blade scrapers.
  • Suitable for removing pinstripes | stickers | bugs | tar | adhesive.
  • Used carefully these blades can be used on most surfaces without scratching.
  • Many uses in automotive | industry | marine | home | schools, etc.
SKU : PRS100
Brand/Country : Power-Tec / UK
Stock : 1boxes available


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