Fuild Transfer Pump

Side Lever Drum Pump ( Drum NOT included)
  • Suitable for pumping various (non corrosive) liquids such as oil, diesel and anti freeze from standard 205 litre drums
  • Extending tube to reach the bottom of the 205 litre barrel.
  • Pumps most non-corrosive fluids.
  • Multi-use tool.
Brand/Country : Laser / UK
Stock :1pc available
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Transfer Drum Pump

  • Hand operated.
  • Dispenses up to 250ml of fluid per stroke.
  • Suitable for use on 5/15/55 gallon drums with either 3/4" or 2" female or Senior Rieke
  • Flex Spout.
  • Spacers supplied for reducing flow.
  • Two piece barrel extraction tube
Brand/Country : Laser / UK
Stock :7 pcs available
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Fluid Transfer / Siphon Hand Pump

  • For use on cars, motorcycles and boats etc.
  • Suitable for priming Ford Mondeo diesel engines.
  • Suitable for cars |motorcycle | boats.
  • Also household plumbing systems.
  • Self priming.
  • 175mm overall length. Pipes are 900mm long.
  • Quick and effective for water and other liquids.
  • Not suitable for petrol.
  • Instructions included.
Brand/Country : Laser / UK
Stock :2pcs available

Diesel Injection Priming Tool

  • For use on Vauxhall 2.2Di & 2.0Di Diesel Engines.
  • Use to introduce fuel into the fuel pump after replacement of the fuel filter
Brand/Country : Laser/ UK
Stock : 5pcs available

Oil Suction Gun 500cc

  • This Oil Suction Gun is a simple but handy tool for extracting fluids.
  • Metal body
  • Flexi tube included
  • Flexi tube external diameter 12.5mm, internal diamter 8.5mm
SKU : OSG500
Brand/Country : Laser / UK
Stock :2pcs available

Yamada Oil meter for STB & SGR series


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SKU : 851942
Brand/Country : Yamada / Japan
Stock :1pc available

Non-Drip Oil Dispensing Nozzle

  • Use for standard low pressure oil control valve.
  • Conventional ball check tip provides easy, fast service for dispensing gear or motor oil.
  • 195mm long 1/4" PT19(M) inlet

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SKU : 800680
Brand/Country : Yamada / Japan
Stock :20pcs available

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