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Eraser Stripe Off Disc with Threaded Shank

  • Rubber erasr wheel.
  • With Threaded shank.
  • Max 4000 rpm.
  • Developed to dramatically reduce time spent on the removal of Pinstripes, Adhesive and Double Faced Tape
  • Fast and easy
  • Consumable eraser rubber wheel suitable for use either with air or electric powered tool.
SKU : E24W
Brand/Country :Gison /Taiwan
1pc : s$22.00
5pcs : s$105.00
10pcs : s$200.00
Stock : 16pcs available

Stripe-Off Eraser Wheel with Drive Shank

  • Rubber eraser wheel.
  • With 6mm shank.
  • Max 4000 rpm.
  • Developed to dramatically reduce time spent on the removal of Pinstripes, Adhesive and Double Faced Tape
  • Fast and easy
  • Consumable eraser rubber wheel suitable for use either with air or electric powered tool.
SKU : E28W
Brand/Country :PowerTech /UK
1pc : s$22.00
5pcs : s$105.00
10pcs : s$200.00
Stock : Nil

Fluted Stripe-Off Eraser Wheel with Drive Adaptor

  • Stripe Off Eraser wheel removes pinstripes, vinyl stickers, stripes, decals, etc, on painted metal surfaces, plate glass, aluminium and glass fibre in seconds without damaging the paintwork
  • Stripe-off Eraser wheel comes with an adaptor and therefore can be mounted either in air powered tool or electric drill
    Working with gentle pressure, the tape and adhesive will be removed in no time.
  • Fast and easy
  • A great productivity tool that just cannot be ignored.

SKU : E29W
Brand/Country :PowerTech /UK
1pc : s$35.00
Stock : Nil

Assorted Engine Oil Sump Plug Washers

  • Popular Vehicle Metric Sump Plug Washers
  • Popular assortment of Copper | Aluminium | Nylon and Bonded Seal Washers
  • Metric sizes
  • Box content may very slightly
  • 250pc per box
SKU : WS869
Brand/Country : Laser / UK
Stock :1pc available


Windshield Repair Kit

  • Minimises the appearance of chips and cracks in windscreens and stops them spreading. Complete with instructions.
  • For all types of laminated windshield.
  • Durable resin formula.
  • Good for multiple repairs.
  • Will not repair more than one layer of glass.
Brand/Country : Gunson / UK
Stock : 7 sets available
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Light-Up Fuse Kit - Automotive

  • An innovative kit that illuminates the fuse when it has blown, allowing quick and easy identification. Contains:- 42 Fuses
  • 1 fuse remover
  • 7 Fuses of each size: 5,10,15,20,25,30 amp
Brand/Country :Gunson / UK
Stock : 5psets available

Assorted Box Electrical Connector Kit - 338 pieces

  • A must have kit for anyone working on Classic or modern vehicles.
  • Whether it’s maintaining existing wiring or wiring in a new Audio system, this kit holds most of the essentials for ensuring a complete and tidy electrical connection.
  • Set includes over 300 items such as insulated terminals, heat shrink tubing, cable ties etc.
  • Plastic compartment box keeps tools tidy.
SKU :EC338
Brand/Country :Gunson / UK
Stock : 5sets available

Polishing Kit 18 pieces

An automotive polishing kit suitable for a variety of materials including aluminium, steel, stainless steel, most plastics, brass etc. Designed for use with an electric drill

  • Shank size 1/4"
  • 3 buffing wheels 50mm/75mm/100mm
  • 4 polishing buffs 50mm/75mm
  • 5 woollen mounted points ball /cone/tapered round /round/bullet
  • 6 bars of polishing compound
SKU : PK18
Brand/Country : Gunson / UK
Stock : 1 set available
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Bitman 32pc Tamper Proof Bit Set

  • Bitman Bit Set is a clever, innovative way to keep 32 tamperproof bits and a quick chuck neatly together.
  • The Bitman can be clipped onto your belt for easy working.
  • The set comprises Star, Hex, Flat, Pz drive and Phillips profiles in a variety of popular sizes.
Brand/Country : Laser/ UK
Stock : 10pcs available

Bit Set - Multi-purpose 49pcs

This 49pc Bit Set with Magnetic Bit Holder comes with :

  • Supplied in rubber bit housing.
  • 25mm long standard bits.
  • Star and metric Hex are tamperproof.
  • Magnetic bit holder.
  • Includes: Star, Hex, Phillips, Spanner,Tri-wing, Torq Set and PzDrive Bits.
Brand/Country : Laser/ UK
Stock : 4pcs available
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Engine Cylinder Hone Spare Stone

3pcs per set medium Grade

Brand/Country : Laser/ UK
Stock : 5sets available

Transmission & Engine Oil Pressure Brass Fitting Kit

13 metric & NPT Adaptors to suit most common

auto transmission or engine oil pressure testing points.

SKU :TOP71fitting
Brand/Country :Aust
Stock : 1set available

Professional Razor Scraper

A professional scraper with soft grip handle

  • Loaded with single sided blade
  • Soft grip handle
  • Angled for ease of use
  • Ideal for removing stickers, glue etc
  • Takes single sided blades

** Note: Free Shipping NOT applicable to this stock clearing item

SKU : RS67
Brand/Country : Power-Tec / UK
Stock : 17sets available

Plastic Razor Blades Pack 100 pieces

Suitable for removing pinstripes, stickers, bugs, tar, adhesive etc

  • Single sided plastic blades fit all standard razor blade scrapers.
  • Suitable for removing pinstripes | stickers | bugs | tar | adhesive.
  • Used carefully these blades can be used on most surfaces without scratching.
  • Many uses in automotive | industry | marine | home | schools, etc.
SKU : PRS100
Brand/Country : Power-Tec / UK
Stock : 4boxes available

Metal Razors Blade x Pack 100 pieces

  • Individually wrapped.
  • Made in the USA.
  • The manufacturing process ensures the blades hold their edge longer.
  • Single edged blades made to the highest specification.
  • Consumable item.
SKU : MRS100
Brand/Country : Power-Tec / UK
Stock : 4boxes available

Dent Puller Glue Stick - 15 sticks per Pack

  • Especially developed for for use with all vehicle dent panel glue pulling systems.
  • These glue stick has greater dent pulling power than the most popular glue puller sticks available in the market.
  • Can be easily removed from painted surfaces with just a few drops of alcohol.
  • Will bonds well to glass, ceramics, painted surfaces and most plastics.
  • REACH Certified.
  • Made in Europe.
SKU : GS15
Brand/Country : Power-Tec / UK
Stock : 2 sets available


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