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SST48 Portable Side Slip Tester | Toe Gauge

SST48 was introduced into Singapore marketplace since year 1997

SST48 is the simplest, most accurate protable side slip tester for checking the steered wheels of car and light commercials.

It is a roller bearing platform over which one front wheel is slowly driven with the wheels in their straight ahead position.

  • Checks the alignment of steered wheels on cars and light commercials.
  • It is a roller bearing platform over which one front wheel is slowly driven with the wheels in their straight ahead position.
  • Tests accuracy in only 5 minutes.
  • Easy and simple to operate with no technical knowledge needed.
  • Weight 1Kg., Width 270mm, Length 470mm, Height 20m


Country of Origin : UK
1pc x s$198.00
3pcs x s$192.00
5pcs x s$188.00
Stock : 12pcs available
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Camber Castor Magnetic Gauge
Country of Origin : UK
1pc x s$69.00
2pcs x s$67.00
Stock : 2pcs available
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  • It's a one-man operation gauge with magnetic mounting end.
  • A must for those professional mechanics &
    DIYers replacing sturts, cv/ ball-joints & tie-rod ends


4-Way Tie Rod Ball Joint Separator
Country of Origin : Taiwan
1pc x s$89.00
3pcs x s$88.00
5pcs x s$87.00
Stock : 2pcs available
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  • The tool can be adjusted to remove ball joints of various heights,
  • Heat-treated drop forged steel body & bolt for long rough usage
  • Spread ball joints easily where space prevents use of direct action method.
  • Total Length : 165mm
  • Opening Angle : 24 ~ 45 m
  • Jaw Opening : 20 mm
  • Body material : SCM440

Disc Brake Piston Spreader

Brake piston spreader for retracting the piston when fitting new brake pads

  • Suitable for a wide range of caliipers: ATE | Delco | Bendix | Griling.
  • Manufacture from Selected Steel
  • Help to prevent damage piston
  • Can be used with a T bar or 1/2"Dr ratchet or wrench
Country of Origin : UK
1pc x s$63.00
3pcs x s$62.00
5pcs x s$61.00
Stock : 4pcs available
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Universal Motorcycle Bike Disc Brake Piston Spreader

Essential tool for retracting the brake piston to allow insertion of new brake pads

  • Suitable for all front and some rear disc brakes.
  • Capacity: 1/4" (5mm) 2-1/4"(58mm).
  • Weight : 0.734 gm
  • Time Saver
  • Professional Tool
Country of Origin : Taiwan
1pc x s$
3pcs x s$
5pcs x s$
Stock : Nil

Disc Brake Piston Spreader with Exchangeable Jaws

Suitable for Cars & Trucks with Single, Double and Quad Piston Calipers.

  • The brake piston wind back tool is used to quickly spread brake pads and compress disc brake pistons for pads replacement on single, double and quad piston calipers.
  • It can be used whle the caliper is on the vehicle or hanging free.
  • It makes brake pad replacement a quick and easy job.
  • Brake pad range: 0 ~ 100 mm
  • The pad open jaw: 10-90 mm
Country of Origin :Taiwan
1pc x s$89.00
2pcs x s$87.00
3pcs x s$86.00
Stock : 1set available
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Brake Pad Spreader

  • For use when servicing brakes
  • Single handed operation.
  • Suitable for cars and light commercials.
  • Spring loaded, quick release action.
  • Actual spread (ie outside faces) is: 18mm to 74mm.
  • Easy to use
Country of Origin :Laser /UK
Stock : 1sets available
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Universal Adjustable Disc Brake Caliper Piston Rewind Back Set

  • Ideal for most 4 wheel disc brake vehicle, for rotating pistons back into the caliper so that the disc brake pads can be easily removed and replaced.
  • 2 & 3 Pin Brake Piston Rewind Back Tool for Clockwise/ Counter Clockwise
  • Universal design with adjustable 2 pin and 3 pin drive adapters which fit a variety of modern car brands including American, European and Japanese.
  • Fits most of cars including Alfa Romeo, Audi, Citroen,Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan Lancer, Toyota, VW, Volvo, Vauxhall etc.
Country of Origin :Taiwan
Stock : 2sets available
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Wheel Lug Nut Socket Set - 3pcs 150mm Long CR-MO Thin-Walled Wheel Rim Protector Socket Set

  • Protective Teflon sleeves prevent damage on custom rims and lug nuts
  • 6-point thin-walled socket constructed from CR-MO ( Corrosion Resistance - Molybdenum Alloy Steel ) which makes the socket strong and long-lasting
  • Fits all 1/2-inch drive socket hand wrenches, electric, or air tools
  • Hollow design allows room for removing longer bolts.
  • Fit most vehicles with these size wheel bolts (Example: 17mm = Compatible with :BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi)
  • Heavy-duty plastic blow-molded carrying case for easy transport, simple storage, and quick organization
  • Size: sizes 17mm, 19mm, 21mm; 150mm long socket
  • Professional high quality set
SKU : WLS150
Brand/Country : Taiwan
1pc x s$95.00
3pcs x s$94.00
5pcs x s$93.00
Stock : 2sets available
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Tyre Tread Depth Gauge

Brand/Country : Laser / UK
1pc x s$35.00
3pcs x s$34.00
5pcs x s$33.00
Stock : 3pcs available
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  • Features consists of large LCD display, zero setting
  • Can switch from metric to imperial measurements.
  • Simple ON/OFF with 1.5v LR44 battery included.
  • LCD will flash when the battery is low.
  • Range 0-25mm CE certificated.
  • Can also be used for brake shoe and pad wear.
  • Composite construction.

Brake Disc Thickness & Tyre Tread Depth Gauge

Country of Origin : Taiwan
1pc x s$25.00
3pcs x s$24.00
5pcs x s$23.00
Stock : 1pc available
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  • Vernier Caliper type design for measuring Brake Disc Thickness & Tyre Tread Depth
  • Depth Gauge Range : 0 - 60mm
  • Clamping screw to retain reading..
  • Size LxWxH: 20 x 14 x 4cm
  • Compact size allows for access in tight spaces.
  • Lightweight 40g
  • Material : Aluminium

Brake Lining Thickness Gauge Set

This gauge set helps to identify brake lining that need attention.

  • Green for Go - 8mm 10mm 12mm
  • Yellow for Cautious - 4mm 5mm 6mm
  • Red for Stop & Replacement 2mm 3mm
Country of Origin : UK
Stock : 8pcs available

Wheel Lug Nut PCD Measuring Gauge with Slide Rule

Suitable for measuring wheel with Lug Nuts

SKU : PCD326
Country : Taiwan
1pc x s$29.00
3pcs x s$28.00
5pcs x s$27.00
Stock : 3pcs available
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  • Wheel lug Pitch Circle Diameter ( mm reading ) gauge with slide rule
  • Works on the popular wheel with lug nuts
  • Make of high quality alumiumin alloy and plastic material for durable use.
  • Size: 220 x 120 x 32mm
  • Weight: 240g

Wheel Lug Torque Wrench 1/2" Ratchet Drive

Torque Wrench designed specially for checking wheel lug nuts

to exact manufacturer recommended torque value


SKU : TW498
Country of Origin : USA
Stock : 3pcs available
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Brake Drum Wear Gauge

  • Used to measure the wear limit on brake drums as well as to measure the diameter of the drum and then set the shoe position prior to drum re-fitting.
  • Size range 160mm-400mm fits a larger range than most similar products on the market
  • Selected steel
  • Metric and Imperial scale
Country of Origin : UK
Stock : 1pc available

Brake Caliper Cleaning File

  • Designed for the removal of brake dust, corrosion and the build up of road dirt from the brake caliper.
  • Extra slim style (10mm) especially useful on Japanese manufactured vehicles.
  • Reverse blade doubles as a scraper for more stubborn residue.
  • Flat 155mm parallel blade with diagonal coarse grooves to prevent clogging.

Country of Origin : UK
Stock : 2pcs available


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