Foam Washing | Water Jet Cleaning | Vacuuming

Air Foam Cleaning | Water Jet Spray | Air Blower | Vacuum Cleaning Gun ( 4 in 1 )

Specification :

  • Net Weight : 2.50 kgs
  • Avg. Air Consumption : 3.36 CFM
  • Cup Capacity : 1,000 c.c.
  • Air Pressure : 90 PSI
  • Air Inlet (NPT) : 1/4"
  • Accessories:
    ** Extension Tube x 1pc
    ** Clamping Ring x 2pcs
** Dust Bag x 1pc
** Small-Bore Vacuum Tube x 1pc
** Flat Tube x 1pc
** Brush x 1pc
** Flexible Hose x 1pc
** Spray Gun Nozzle x 1pc
** Water Hose Connector x 1pc
** Rear Cap x 1pc
** Valve x 1pc
** End Cap x 1pc
** Accelerator x 1pc
SKU : FWG400
Brand/Country : Gison / Taiwan
Stock : 2sets available
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  • Foam Cleaning Gun :The foam as light and fluffy snow which can be sprayed out via bubble producer, it can clean on vertical surfaces and slip off slowly.
  • Water Spray Gun : The water column can spout out all of the dirt from the wheel tire gloove and the car body. The jet distance can reach 6 meter at 90 psi.
  • Air Blow Gun : Quick air blow removes ware spot from the windshield and back mirror ... etc.
  • Vacuum Cleaning Gun : Connected with different accessories, it becomes a car vacuum cleaner.


  • A smart car cleaning tool with serval specialized accessories, designed for multi-functions car cleaning, convenient and economical.
  • Ideal for vehicle outside cleaning, including car surface, tire groove and wheel rim etc.
  • Suitable for car seat, engine room and cabinet cleaning.
  • Easy for operation.
  • Necessary cleaning tool set for car repair shop.

Air Powered Multipurpose Vacuum / Blower Gun

  • Weight: 0.67kg
  • A standard airline with an air pressure of 90psi turns this comprehensive kit into a brilliant sucker or blower.
  • With brush and nozzle attachments this kit can suck up debris (9 CmHg) from vehicles such as corrosion, shattered windscreens, carbon deposits, sand, iron chips, sawdust, stones etc into dust bag or used as a blower to clean away debris in more confined spaces.
  • Complete with nozzles, dust bag, brush and mini hose
Brand/Country : Laser / UK
Stock : 3sets available
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Washing Flow Thru-Brush

Easy on Vehicles Panel/Paint , Super soft bristles to prevent scratches.

  • Super soft bristles to prevent scratches.
  • Head bumper protection.
  • Instant On/Off switch saves water.
  • Comfortable grip handle.
  • Connects to any standard garden hose connector (Quick connect).
  • Accepts soap sticks

Brand/Country : Laser / UK
Stock : 3pcs available

Nippei Kiki Engine Bay Cleaner

Designed Specially for Cleaning the Engine Bay

  • Dimensions : 430 x 80 x 20mm
  • Detergent Hose Suction Length : 1 meter
  • Weight : 300gm
  • Material : Aluminium
  • Power Source : Workshop Compressed Air
SKU : H-88
Brand/Country : Neppei Kiki / Japan
Stock : 2pcs available

Air Blow Gun with Polyurethane Coiled Hose

  • 100mm Nozzle
  • 5mm ID x 8mm OD x 6m Length PU coiled hose
  • Aluminum inlet Milton & Nitto PU quick air connector
  • 8mm diameter hose (5mm internal)
  • Maximum pressure 87 psi (0.6mPA)
Brand/Country : Laser / UK
Stock : 3sets available
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Nippei Kiki Air Duster / Gun

  • Dimensions: 120 x 110 x 18mm
  • Weight : 250gm each
  • Material : Dies cast aluminium
SKU : AD77
Brand/Country : Neppei Kiki / Japan
Stock : 8 pcs available

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