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Eraser Stripe Off Disc with Threaded Shank

  • Rubber eraser wheel.
  • With Threaded shank.
  • Max 4000 rpm.
  • Developed to dramatically reduce time spent on the removal of Pinstripes, Adhesive and Double Faced Tape
  • Fast and easy
  • Consumable eraser rubber wheel suitable for use either with air or electric powered tool.
SKU : E24W
Brand/Country :Gison /Taiwan
1pc : s19.00
3pcs : s55.00
5pcs : s89.00
Stock :Nil

Assorted Engine Oil Sump Plug Washers

  • Popular Vehicle Metric Sump Plug Washers
  • Popular assortment of Copper | Aluminium | Nylon and Bonded Seal Washers
  • Metric sizes
  • Box content may very slightly
  • 250pc per box
SKU : WS869
Brand/Country : Laser / UK
Stock :1pc available

Automotive Light-Up Fuse Kit

  • An innovative kit that illuminates the fuse when it has blown, allowing quick and easy identification. Contains:- 42 Fuses
  • 1 fuse remover
  • 7 Fuses of each size: 5,10,15,20,25,30 amp
Brand/Country :Gunson / UK
Stock : 5psets available

Assorted Box Electrical Connector Kit - 338 pieces

  • A must have kit for anyone working on Classic or modern vehicles.
  • Whether it’s maintaining existing wiring or wiring in a new Audio system, this kit holds most of the essentials for ensuring a complete and tidy electrical connection.
  • Set includes over 300 items such as insulated terminals, heat shrink tubing, cable ties etc.
  • Plastic compartment box keeps tools tidy.
SKU :EC338
Brand/Country :Gunson / UK
Stock : 3sets available

Bitman 32pc Tamper Proof Bit Set

  • Bitman Bit Set is a clever, innovative way to keep 32 tamperproof bits and a quick chuck neatly together.
  • The Bitman can be clipped onto your belt for easy working.
  • The set comprises Star, Hex, Flat, Pz drive and Phillips profiles in a variety of popular sizes.
Brand/Country : Laser/ UK
Stock : 10pcs available

Bit Set - Multi-purpose 49pcs

This 49pc Bit Set with Magnetic Bit Holder comes with :

  • Supplied in rubber bit housing.
  • 25mm long standard bits.
  • Star and metric Hex are tamperproof.
  • Magnetic bit holder.
  • Includes: Star, Hex, Phillips, Spanner,Tri-wing, Torq Set and PzDrive Bits.
Brand/Country : Laser/ UK
Stock : 4pcs available
: flyer

Engine Cylinder Hone Spare Stone

3pcs per set medium Grade

Brand/Country : Laser/ UK
Stock : 5sets available

Radiator Fin Straightener

  • Designed for straightening fins and removing debris from vehicles radiators and air conditioning grills
  • One tool with 6 different combs works on any vent or grill.
  • The use of this tool allows the radiator or air conditioning grill to work correctly.
Brand/Country : Laser/ UK
Stock : 4pcs available

Universal Thread Gauge

  • Four individual gauges measuring pitch and thread in US and metric sizes.
  • Identifies bolts | pipe threads and spark plugs 10-18mm. Range 5/16" to 3/4 ", 10tpi to 44tpi, metric thread sizes 2.5 to 22mm and pitch of 0.45mm to 2.5mm.
  • Made from alumimium.
  • Range 5/16" to 3/4 ", 10tpi to 44tpi, metric thread sizes 2.5 to 22mm and pitch of 0.45mm to 2.5mm
  • Fast accurate
Brand/Country : Gunson/ UK
Stock : 8pcs available

Plastic Razor Blades Pack 100 pieces

Suitable for removing pinstripes, stickers, bugs, tar, adhesive etc

  • Single sided plastic blades fit all standard razor blade scrapers.
  • Suitable for removing pinstripes | stickers | bugs | tar | adhesive.
  • Used carefully these blades can be used on most surfaces without scratching.
  • Many uses in automotive | industry | marine | home | schools, etc.
SKU : PRS100
Brand/Country : Power-Tec / UK
Stock : 1boxes available

Metal Razors Blade x Pack 100 pieces

  • Individually wrapped.
  • Made in the USA.
  • The manufacturing process ensures the blades hold their edge longer.
  • Single edged blades made to the highest specification.
  • Consumable item.
SKU : MRS100
Brand/Country : Power-Tec / UK
Stock : 4boxes available

Dent Puller Glue Stick - 15 sticks per Pack

  • Especially developed for for use with all vehicle dent panel glue pulling systems.
  • These glue stick has greater dent pulling power than the most popular glue puller sticks available in the market.
  • Can be easily removed from painted surfaces with just a few drops of alcohol.
  • Will bonds well to glass, ceramics, painted surfaces and most plastics.
  • REACH Certified.
  • Made in Europe.
SKU : GS15
Brand/Country : Power-Tec / UK
Stock : 2 sets available

Butane Gas Torch

  • Butane powered, hand held torch with piezo electric ignition and adjustable heating control.
  • Suitable for heating and shrinking Butane powered Heats and shrinks
  • Adjustable Heat Control


Brand/Country : Laser / UK
Stock : 2pcs available

Butane Heating Torch

  • A robust butane heating torch with a adjustable burner that can maintain a maximum temperaure of 1300°C.
  • Piezo electric ignition.
  • For heating and soldering.
  • Accepts standard self sealing butane gas cartridges (not included).
Brand/Country : Laser / UK
Stock : 2pcs available
: User Guide


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