Carbon Cleaner

Universal Three Way Catalytic Converter Carbon Washing Kit
  • Three Way Catalytic Converter Carbon Washing Kit.
  • Universal for all all catalytic converter make and model
  • Stainless canister for long life.
  • Aluminum base stands for tools placed more stable.
  • Working pressure range : 3 bar~ 7 bar (45Psi ~ 100Psi)
  • Max. Capacity: 650c.c.
  • Weight : 0.8kg
Country of Origin : Taiwan
1pc x s$99.00
3pcs x s$97.00
5pcs x s$95.00
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Vacuum System / Intake Valve / Combustion Chamber Cleaner Tester
  • Clean Carbon Deposits on Intake Valve,
  • Combustion Chamber & Vacuum System.
  • Vacuum System Leakage Test.
  • Helps increase gas mileage performance
  • Simply fill with air intake cleaning detergent and connect dispensing hose to engine vacuum line.
  • Professional-grade tool provides more thorough cleaning than other methods.
  • Liquid filled gauge for accurate vacuum reading and monitoring chemical flow.
  • Very Easy to use.
SKU : VIC600
Country of Origin : Taiwan:
1pc x s$128.00
3pcs x
5pcs x
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