Fluid Lubrication Pump | Grease Gun

PP ( Polypropylene ) Hand Lever Action Drum Pump ( with Steel Piston Rod )

Commonly use for pumping water, alcohol, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, lubricant & etc

  • Suitable for pumping water, alcohol, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, lubricant & etc
  • Extending tube to reach the bottom of the 205 litre barrel.
  • Material: Polypropylene and steel rod.
  • Max. Flow: 29.57 ml ( 10 oz )per stroke
  • Pumps non-corrosive fluids.
  • Multi-use Pump
Country of Origin : Taiwan
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Aluminum Hand Lever Action Drum Pump

Commonly used for dispensing or transferring non-corrosive and petroleum based fluids, such as Diesel, Kerosene, Transmission Fluid, Machine Oil, Lube Oil, Anti-Freeze, etc.

  • Ideal for heavy-duty use in industrial, automotive and agricultural applications.
  • Supply with 2" & 1-1/2" bung adapter and a self-adjusting telescopicsuction tube to fit most 15, 30 and 55 gallon drums.
  • Self-priming unit, dispenses approximately 12 oz per stroke.
  • Discharge spout can be rotated 180deg and can be removed to expose garden hose threaded outlet.
  • Do not use with organic solvents, alkalis, acids, petrol and water-based fluids.


  • Flow: 12 oz per stroke
  • Maximum Fluid Temperature: 140?F / 60 deg C
  • Mounting: 1-1/2" & 2" MNPT Bung Adapter
  • Suction Tube Length: 35"
  • Inlet: 1" O.D.
  • Outlet: 3/4" O.D. Curved Spout
  • Wetted Parts: Aluminum, Steel, PE & NBR
  • Maximum Viscosity: 1,000 SSU
Country of Origin : Taiwan
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Transfer Drum ( Barrel ) Pump

This polypropylene pump can be used to transfer water based fluids, light oils, mild acids, corrosive soaps & etc

  • Hand operated.
  • Dispenses up to 250ml of fluid per stroke.
  • Suitable for use on 5/15/55 gallon drums
  • Fits a 2" or 3/4" IPS female opening (threading size)
  • Comes with a handy 5 gallon pail adapter. Fits 5, 15, 30 & 55 gallon drums.
  • Flex Spout.
  • Spacers supplied for reducing flow.
  • Two piece barrel extraction tube
Brand/Country : Laser / UK
Stock :6 pcs available
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Fluid Transfer / Siphon Hand Pump

Easy to carry and store,great for transferring gasoline,diesel, fluid, fish tank water . NOT suitable for any chemical liquids & drinking water.

  • Durable Rubber Transfer Hose -- 1.82 meters (72-inch) long rubber hose, with two fixed hose clips to secure it in place.
  • Easy to Use -- Lightweight and portable siphon hand fuel pump, suitable for various vehicles without anti-theft filter net, such as bush cutter, lawnmower, hedge trimmer, etc.
Brand/Country : Taiwan
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Diesel Injection Priming Tool

  • For use on Vauxhall 2.2Di & 2.0Di Diesel Engines.
  • Use to introduce fuel into the fuel pump after replacement of the fuel filter
Brand/Country : Laser/ UK
Stock : 5pcs available

Oil Suction Gun 500cc

  • This Oil Suction Gun is a simple but handy tool for extracting fluids.
  • Metal body
  • Flexi tube included
  • Flexi tube external diameter 12.5mm, internal diamter 8.5mm
SKU : OSG500
Brand/Country : Laser / UK
Stock :2pcs available

Non-Drip Oil Dispensing Nozzle

  • Use for standard low pressure oil control valve.
  • Conventional ball check tip provides easy, fast service for dispensing gear or motor oil.
  • 195mm long 1/4" PT19(M) inlet

SKU : 800680
Brand/Country : Yamada / Japan
Stock :20pcs available

Mini Grease Gun c\w One Grease Tube
  • Ideal for tight areas in engine bays or mini bearings.
  • Also ideal for model planes | cars | Skate Board|Remote Control Toys.
Brand/Country : Laser / UK
Stock : 2pcs available

Replacement Grease Tube

Brand/Country : Laser / UK
Stock : 2pcs available

Professional Grease Gun 400cc

  • A robust grease gun for the professional workshop.
  • Complete with twin pistons and air release valve and rigid spout with 4 jaws
  • Fill with standard 400gram cartridges or loose grease.
  • Non-slip grip.
  • Working pressure: 3600 psi, breaking pressure: 6000 psi
  • Short stroke lever action
SKU : GG400
Brand/Country : Laser / UK
Stock : 1pc available

Professional Grease Gun Lever Or Pistol Grip

  • A robust grease gun with lever or pistol grip for the professional workshop.
  • One or two handed operation with extending handle.
  • Die cast aluminium head with air release valves.
  • Supplied with fixed and flexi extensions with 4 jaw coupler.
  • Takes bulk grease and standard
  • 400gram grease cartridges.
  • Working pressure 6000 psi.
SKU : GG400P
Brand/Country : Laser / UK
Stock : 2pcs available

Yamada 800718 Small Diameter Tapered Grease Nozzle

  • Adaptor is designed for heavy duty use with high pressure grease dispensing valve.
  • The adaptor is finished in zinc plate Size: 191mm long, 1/8" PT28(M)

SKU : 800718
Brand/Country : Yamada / Japan
Stock : 5pcs available

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